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General IT Services, PLLC is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Our services include: network design and installation, wireless network coverage surveys, network laser printer repair, cable management, network troubleshooting and correction, POS system installations and maintenance, server and workstation installation and repair, data recovery/backup and business continuity services.

Comprehensive Services


Small Office Home Office

Just because you operate from a small office or home office doesn't mean you shouldn't protect and back up your information. Effective anti-malware software and system backup is just as important to your business as it is to any large enterprise. General IT Services, PLLC can help you make the right decisions to start and stay in business.

Retail Sales

Point of Sale systems have been simplified tremendously over the years so that now all an employee has to do is touch an icon on a screen and the proper information is generated to successfully complete a cash wrap sale. But what do you do when a part of that system or it's infrastructure fails? Call General IT Services PLLC for solutions.

Professional Offices

From network design and installation, server provisioning, equipment room security, end point protection and end user security training, General IT Services, PLLC can help you manage that infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.

Government and Large Enterprise

Government and enterprise entities usually have their own staff on payroll. But who do you turn to when there is a special project that requires additional help? General IT Services, PLLC has the experienced people you need if you find yourself pinched between a shortage of talent and a deadline.

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